Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is there a pattern here?

I have been looking through a lot of my magazine clippings and different pictures of decorating ideas and I've noticed some of the pictures are very similar! If you aren't sure what your style is, I suggest looking through magazines and searching the Internet and compiling everything you like.  I would guess you would find a lot of the same styles as well!  Decor pad is a great place to search; they have thousands of great rooms and ideas. 

Great guest room.
What a great idea!  I would never thought to paint kitchen cabinets navy....although I would probably just do the island in this color (it is a little much).
I really LOVE this idea for Jax's room one day.

Sweet and timeless girls/teen room.
I will never buy another wooden headboard.  I think an upholstered headboard is the way to go; its so much more personal and prettier (in my opinion).

Evidently I love navy, upholstered headboards, stripes and geometric patterns! ha I guess I could have told you that already though.  I look around my house and see all of these things twice over.  Jax's room is done in vertical stripes (I'll take a picture soon) and I love it. :)


Anonymous said...

way to go with the prompt posts! i love love love everything in this...i am loving upholstered headboards too. let's make one! i love the cleanness of white bedding with bold crisp colors, and wallpaper!!!

Laurie said...

Shasta do you think if I painted my kitchen cabinets, what color? Would black make the kitchen look smaller? I need your help!!

Shasta said...

Hmmmm...Aunt Laurie I'll come over soon and take a look! From what I remember, I think maybe a cream color with those oil rubbed bronze fixtures might look really pretty! :)

JPO said...

I like navy too but I have zero in my house!

Shasta said...

Jen, we can do something about that! lol